As AL ENERJI we've been offering engineering, consulting and process management services on power generation through renewable energy resources since 2004.

Our studies are mostly concentrated on:
Hydroelectric Plants, Wind Power Plants and Power Generation from Waste Heat, Solar Energy and (Emission Reductions) Carbon Credits.

Hydroelectric Power Plants

Since 2004, we have been involved in 29 different reservoir- and river-type hydroelectric plant projects with installed powers between 1MW and 90MW. We have undertaken preliminary report, feasibility report, license application file preparation tasks for projects within the scope of engineering and consulting services; we undersigned Water Use Agreements and obtained Power Generation Licenses.

Wind Power Plants

Our studies in the field of Wind Energy have focused on project development. In this scope, we are continuing our activities at 5 wind fields.

We realized the license applications, wind measurements, land rental, EIA works, TEIAS (Turkish Electricity Transmission Company) contribution fee tender and license acquisitions. And currently we are continuing to manage the projects’ post-license processes.

Solar Energy

AL ENERJI has been acting as the sole distributor of the Spanish Eastech Solar products for Turkey since 2008, penetrating in the market with a wide range of solar panels varying from mono/poly-crystal panels to thin film panels. Our goal is to become a part of the future in the continuously growing Solar Energy industry in parallel to the global development, similar to that for all renewal energy resources.

Emmission Reductions

AL ENERJI has also been involved in the development, purchase and sale of emission reduction projects in cooperation with South Pole Carbon Ltd.

Waste Heat Power Generation

Since 2005, we’ve been conducting studies on Turkey’s Waste Heat potential and sources. Our studies point out that there is enough waste heat in several industries and it is both technically & economically applicable to produce electricity with capacities ranging from 1MW to 12MW by steam cycle.

Our long term goal is; to be a part of the energy market which grows continuously parallel to Worlds evolution, to contribute the application of new technologies, setting standards for energy market and forming legitimate infrastructure.

Therefore, AL ENERJI aims and promises not only to meet the needs of today but to state the needs and standards of future and realize them.

Common Frame of Our Services

1.Project Development

a.Preliminary Studies
b.Feasibility Reports
c.Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
d.Hydrological, Geological and Geotechnical studies

2. Project Review

a.Investigation and assessment of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) and Electrical Power Resources Survey & Development Administration (EIE) projects
b.Investigation and assessment of projects developed by private sector

3. Licensing

a.License application and preparing License application documents
b.Acquiring preliminary authorization
c.Public Benefit Decision
d.Preparing & approving Expropriation Plan
e.Preparing & approving grid connection application
f.Approving EIA report
g.Water Rights Agreement discussions
h.Preparing, application & approving Renewable Energy Source (YEK) Certificate

4. Project Design

a. Assistance in firm selection for final design & application projects

5. Financing & Contractor Selection

a.Preparing loan application and bidding documents
b.Assistance during loan discussions
c.Assistance for contractor and equipment selection

6. Construction

a.Construction & equipment erection supervision
b.Delivering Insurance Solutions
c.Temporary & final acceptance

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